Are you buying a property?

We will peruse the Section 32 Vendors Statement to ensure that everything is in order and that your interests are protected. Mountain Conveyancing will review the Section 32 at no charge to you, no matter how many properties you look at.

Before signing any contract “BUYER BEWARE” applies. Make sure you have checked everything relevant to the property that is not disclosed in the Section 32. You should also ensure that the Contract of Sale is conditional upon at least a satisfactory building inspection report and a satisfactory pest infestation report.

The Section 32 will not disclose any building, structural defects or pest infestations (e.g. termites) or appliances that do not work such as heating or alarms etc. The Section 32 will also not disclose any development proposals for surrounding areas. You should also be satisfied of the property boundaries as shown in the plan attached to the Section 32. If in doubt, contact us and we can assist you BEFORE you sign a Contract of Sale.

As your conveyancer, Mountain Conveyancing will attend to the following on your behalf:

  • Check through and advise you on the Contract of Sale and Section 32 (once the Contract of Sale has been signed by you and accepted by the Vendor). This may include the following:

          - Mortgages - rights of lender over property in return for loan of money
          - Easements - restrictions on use of land
          - Caveats - “beware” - another party may have an interest in the property which comes before that of a purchaser
          - Off-title restrictions
          - Zoning - permitted land use
          - Rates/outgoings
          - VicRoads road proposals
          - Landslip
          - Land tax
          - Building approvals

  • Ensure that finance clause and any special conditions are complied with to your satisfaction. We will request extensions of any clauses if required and if your bank does not unconditionally approve your application for a loan or building and/or pest inspections reports are not satisfactory, we can assist you in withdrawing from the Contract of Sale. 

  • Prepare and lodge a Caveat over the property on your behalf if required (Titles Office fees will be applicable). 

  • Prepare Transfer of Land and nomination documentation (if applicable) and all other relevant documentation required to assist you with any stamp duty reductions you may be entitled to. 

  • Provide your broker and/or lender with copies of all necessary documentation to assist in preparation of loan documentation. 

  • Order all necessary title searches and certificates and advise immediately if anything appears out of the ordinary.

  • Prepare a Statement of Adjustments and Settlement Statement. 

  • Book settlement with the vendor’s representative and your lender. 

  • Advise your lender of the cheques required to facilitate settlement. 

  • Advise you of the bank cheques required (if you are required to provide additional money for settlement on top of funds provided by your lender).   

    We would recommend that you conduct a final inspection of the property prior to settlement. If there are any issues arising out the final inspection, please contact us immediately. 

  • Attend settlement on your behalf – you are not required to attend. 

  • Notify you and your selling agent once settlement is complete. If you intend to move into the new property, you can then attend at the real estate agent’s office to collect the keys. 

  • Notify the water, council and Owners Corporation (if appropriate) of the change of ownership following settlement.

  • Provide you with our final letter and statement to complete the matter.