Are you selling your property?

  • Residential? 
  • Vacant Land? 
  • Change of ownership? 
  • Auction or Private Sale? 

As your conveyancer, Mountain Conveyancing will attend to the following on your behalf:

  • Prepare the Section 32 Vendors Statement. 
    Mountain Conveyancing can generally prepare a Section 32 in 48 hours. If your Section 32 requires additional certificates to be included (such as Owners Corporations or Building Approvals) the appropriate waiting period for certificates ordered will apply.
    When you or your agent has found a purchaser and that purchaser is happy with the Section 32, they will submit their offer to you either by using a Contract Note or Contract of Sale. If the terms of the contract are acceptable to you, the offer is accepted and the purchaser will then pay the deposit. This document then becomes the contract for the sale of your property. 
  • Prepare the Contract of Sale if your sale is by auction or private sale. Generally your Real Estate Agent will prepare the Contract of Sale.
  • Request preparation of any Discharge of Mortgage(s) and/or Withdrawal of Caveats lodged over the title to the property.
  • Liaise with purchaser's representative with respect to any special conditions, finance clause and deposit payable.
  • Arrange settlement with all parties involved.
  • Confirm that all details are correct in the statement of adjustments received from the purchaser’s representative.
  • Obtain a final loan payout figure from your lender (if applicable).
  • Provide details to the purchaser’s representatives of the cheques required to be provided at settlement.
  • Attend settlement on your behalf – you are not required to attend.
  • Notify you and your real estate agent once settlement is complete.
  • Notify the water, council and Owners Corporation (if applicable) of the change of ownership following settlement.
  • Provide you with our final letter and statement to complete the matter.