Buying & Selling

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Are you Buying a Property?

Mountain Conveyancing will assist you with your initial review of a contract and section 32 through to the settlement of your new home.

We will peruse the Section 32 Vendors Statement to ensure that everything is in order and that your interests are protected.

The Section 32 will not disclose any building, structural defects or pest infestations (e.g. termites) or appliances that do not work such as heating or alarms etc. The Section 32 will also not disclose any development proposals for surrounding areas. You should also be satisfied with the property boundaries as shown in the plan attached to the Section 32. If in doubt, contact us and we can assist you BEFORE you sign a Contract of Sale.

Are you Selling your Property?

Residential?     Vacant Land?     Change of ownership?     Auction or Private Sale?
Our experienced team will guide you through the process from the preparation of your Contract of Sale and Section 32 to settlement.  

We can generally prepare a Section 32 within 48 hours unless your Section 32 requires additional certificates to be included (such as Owners Corporations or Building Approvals) the appropriate waiting period for certificates ordered will apply.

Other Services

Our team are experienced in spousal or related party title transfers, subdivisions and lodgement of plans of subdivision– please contact us to discuss any of these services